Trainingstagebuch als Geschenk für Sportler

30 great fitness gifts for athletes and fitness fans

Almost everyone has one or two athletes or fitness freaks among their friends and relatives. Unfortunately, it is sometimes not that easy to find the right fitness gifts for such people. But now there are enough opportunities where you would like to make a sporty person happy. Be it a birthday, Christmas or any other nice occasion.

This article should help you to find the right gifts for your fitness-crazy friends. Because there are quite a few fitness gifts that every athlete and fitness fan will be happy about. I am sure that there is one or the other in this list that your sporty friend will be very happy about.

Another tricky thing about fitness gifts is that men and women sometimes have different preferences. In order to give you the best possible advice here, I teamed up with a friend to select the list. Together we will present you fitness gifts in different price categories. There is something for every budget! 🙂

We have divided the gifts into the following price categories:

One click takes you directly to the price category that interests you.

After reading this article, you will surely have the right gift for the athlete who would like to receive a gift from you.

Fitness gifts up to 25 euros

Even for a small budget or simply for smaller fitness gifts without a special occasion, there are a lot of things that athletic people will surely be happy about. You can make a fitness fan happy for just under 10 euros. Here are our recommendations for fitness gifts up to 25 euros.

Fitness gloves

Fitness Geschenke für Sportler Harbinger Fitnesshandschuhe

I can always use a pair of good training gloves. Anyone who regularly exercises with dumbbells can tell a song about it. Even a pair of really good gloves might last 3-4 months if you take good care of them. Then it makes sense to get a new pair. The quality is of course very important with such training gloves. With a classic like the Harbinger Uni Pro with wrist bandage (for just under 25 euros) you never go wrong. They also scored very well in our fitness gloves test .

Harbinger Pro Wristwrap fitness gloves at Amazon *

A pair of sports socks

falke laufsocken ru4 kurz

Everyone needs socks every day. It is especially important for athletes to wear the right socks – they should compress, cushion and be breathable. Depending on which sport your girlfriend or boyfriend does, there are also differences (soccer, handball or running socks). On many a long run, I was grateful to be wearing comfortable socks. And now it comes; I’ve never bought sports socks myself. My mother regularly showered me with sports socks – thank you mom. 😉

You can get a high-quality pair of Falke running socks for women and men for as little as 15 euros.

Falke running socks for women at Amazon *

Falke running socks for men at Amazon *

A protein shaker bottle

Geschenke für Fitnessfreaks Blender Bottle modern dunkelblau

Another utensil that athletes can never have enough of. Athletes and fitness freaks need shakers and drinking bottles almost every day. Again and again one or the other gets lost or broken. Paying attention to quality when buying a shaker pays off. I swear by the original blender bottle with the blender ball instead of a hammer. The bottles look chic, are BPA-free and hold tight for a long time. The shakers are not only suitable for preparing protein shakes . They can also be used wonderfully as a drinking bottle. The blender bottle in a classic design is available from around 15 euros.

Blender Bottle classic at Amazon *

Blender Bottle modern at Amazon *

A sports towel

Sporthandtuch als Fitnessgeschenk

The sports towels tend to be the older ones in the range. But who likes to wipe their face with an old rag in the gym? Precisely because most athletes do not treat themselves to a fancy sports towel of their own, this is perhaps an inexpensive fitness gift that is well received. For example, there is a good, quick-drying and space-saving sports towel from Vaude for as little as 10 euros.

Vaude sports towel on Amazon *

Thera bands

Fitness Geschenke Theraband-Set

Regardless of whether you are a runner, strength athlete or CrossFit fanatic, every athlete can need a few Therabands. Whether as a gym replacement for at home or on the go, or simply as a supplement to regular training, these rubber bands are universally applicable aids for every training session. By the way, some time ago I also wrote an article about training with Thera bands written. These tapes also break every now and then. Replenishment is needed here on a regular basis. Different strengths are required for different purposes. A set of 3-4 different ribbons in a reasonable length (1.5 or better 2m) costs just under 15 euros and is therefore an inexpensive gift.

Theraband set at Amazon *

A fast jump rope

Fitnessgeschenk Speedrope Springseil

A great gift for athletes is a jump rope. Not only to warm up when the treadmill and cross trainer have become too boring, but also as cardio training for at home and on the go. A small inconspicuous rope that makes your fitness friend sweat and at the same time brings back memories of the schoolyard times in elementary school. With a skipping rope it is important that the rope is heavy enough to pick up speed properly. It makes sense to use a high-quality speed rope skipping rope here. These are also used by boxers and can often be found in CrossFit halls. One of these is available for around 15 euros.

High quality Speedrope skipping rope at Amazon *

Blackroll fascia ball

Fitness Geschenke für Sportler Blackroll Orange Ball

For just under 10 euros you get an 8 cm thick, firm ball that can be wonderfully used for self-massage and fascia training. Every athlete can benefit from this type of training. You can work wonderfully with this little ball on the go. But such a ball can also be used very well as a supplement to a self-massage roller . With the ball you get much deeper into the muscle structures than with the roller. A lot can be done with it, especially on the feet, which many runners in particular appreciate.

Blackroll Ball on Amazon *

A new training diary

Trainingstagebuch als Geschenk für Sportler

The training diary is a fitness gift for athletes who want to record their successes. Strength and endurance athletes in particular, who have a specific goal, record their training units in writing in order to have an overview of progress and regression. So far I’ve taken a normal notebook and drawn lines myself. Recently I found a fancy, ready-made training diary for a little more than 10 € on Amazon. Of course, creative minds can also lovingly create a training diary for their loved one …

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