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Harzer cheese doesn’t taste good? – My favorite Harz cheese recipes

Harz cheese is one of the protein-containing foods that reliably finds its way onto my plate again and again and there are many good reasons for this. The little protein bomb, however, also has a decisive weakness: Many people simply don’t taste the cheese and even more people simply can’t get used to its intense smell. For this reason I have decided to write this article in which I would like to give you a few tips on how you can make Harz cheese tastier. For this I want to give tips on preparation and share my favorite Harz cheese recipes with you. It also plays a role which Harz cheese you buy.

If there is someone in your household who stinks your Harz cheese, I also have a few tips that can defuse the situation a little.

Why Harz cheese at all

Harz cheese is a great food if you want to easily and effectively meet your protein needs. If you don’t want meat, low-fat quark is probably the only food that can even begin to compete in terms of nutritional values. In contrast to other types of cheese, the Harzer contains hardly any fat in addition to the high protein content (made from the best casein ). This makes it perfect for a fitness-conscious diet.

Harz cheese also keeps you full for a long time, which makes it a great food for your next diet. In fact, in my last diets, the Harzer has been an integral part of my menu almost every day. In any case, you no longer have to worry about protein deficiency .

Harzerkäse has other good arguments on its side and the best thing to do is read my article (again), why I love Harzer cheese .

For some people, however, it can be a problem that Harz cheese does not taste good to them. But as with many foods, the preparation is also important here. The dominant smell, which can be very engaging, also offers a particularly high potential for rejection and controversy. Before we get to the recipes, I want to give you a few tips on what you can do against the intense Harz smell:

Three tips against the nasty Harz cheese smell

The smell of a Harz cheese can take up the entire refrigerator and spread through the entire apartment when it is opened. I can well understand that not everyone wants to accept this intense smell as an integral part of their life. If you share your refrigerator with someone (or want to share) it takes on a completely different dimension.

So that your house blessing doesn’t hang wrong because of a little cheese smell, I would like to give you my best tips on what you can do against strong Harz cheese smell:

  1. Buy fresh Harz cheese that has a long shelf life and don’t keep it for long. The smell gets stronger the closer the expiration date comes.
  2. Buy Harzer cheese with mold. This has the same nutritional values, but tastes a little milder and smells much less intense.
  3. Get yourself a airtight sealable glass lunch box * and put the cheese in the fridge unopened immediately after buying it.

Harzer Käse gegen starken Geruch richtig im Kühlschrank aufbewahren

And that’s annoying Nobody can hear the Harz cheese smell in the fridge

My favorite Harz cheese recipes

Now we finally come to a few options that you have to conjure up a delicious meal or snack with Harz cheese. If you previously thought that Harz cheese was not very tasty, after trying it you will be surprised what you can do with it. Especially in a diet you get meals with unbeatable nutritional values ​​that keep you full for a long time and still taste good.

The following suggestions are of course only a very small insight into which Harz cheese recipes are possible. These are simple recipes (which for the most part probably don’t even deserve the name) that anyone who is totally inexperienced in cooking can do it super quickly and easily. I can say that with certainty, as I have neither much talent nor patience to cook.

No recipe, but Harz cheese tastes best with …

I would like to start with the simplest possibility how you can make Harzer cheese edible quickly and easily directly from the refrigerator. You can do this simply by combining it with another food. Strictly speaking, the following combinations do not really count as Harz cheese recipes. Sometimes something as simple as that is one of my meals in a diet.

The following combinations are very popular. The best thing to do is to try it out yourself to find your favorites:

  • With some hummus (different types)
  • Together with applesauce
  • Spread a little jam
  • In combination with mustard
  • With some (light) ketchup

I find it exciting how you can enjoy the cheese as something sweet and fruity as well as something hearty.

Do I like all of these combinations equally? Of course, I also have my favorites and don’t like other combinations at all. However, this is a matter of taste and you should try them out for yourself.

In any case, nowhere else will you get a meal with a lot of protein and super few calories so quickly and easily.

Mein Favorit - Harzer Käse mit Hummus

Harz cheese with mold in spicy hummus is one of my favorites

Baked vegetables

As you probably know, it is extremely important to always eat enough fruits and vegetables . In a diet in particular, many fitness athletes like to combine vegetables with a source of protein, such as meat or tofu, in order to prepare a low-carbohydrate and low-calorie dinner. If used correctly, the Harz cheese is also suitable.

My tip is to season broccoli or Kaiser vegetables with a few almond slivers and then bake them with some Harz cheese. You already have a delicious dinner that will fill you up and that contains (almost) everything your body needs.

Savory Harz cheese chips

What sounds a bit strange at first is no longer really an insider tip: You can make delicious cheese chips out of Harz cheese, which can be used wonderfully as a snack. This means that the next movie night is guaranteed even in the toughest crash diet !

The production is very easy: All you have to do is cut the Harz cheese (the one without mold) into thin slices, lay out on a tray and add some spices. I just use some salt and some paprika.

Harzer Käse Rezepte - High Protein Harzer Käse Chips

This tray is then placed in the oven preheated to 200 ° for about 20 minutes. When they start to turn a little brown, you can take them out of the oven and let them cool down. I don’t recommend making the chips in an open kitchen and making sure there is good ventilation. The smell will inevitably spread as you open the oven and cool down in the kitchen. You can then break the cooled, baked cheese into the desired chip size and divide it into portions.

Harzer Käse Rezepte - High Protein Harzer Käse Chips fertig

2 x 100g delicious Harz cheese chips for the next movie night

This is how your Harz cheese chips will keep in the fridge for a few days. However, I wouldn’t keep it like this for more than a week.

Harz cheese cubes in a salad

If you are making a salad, mozzarella or feta are definitely on your list of possible ingredients. In the right combination, both go very well in a delicious salad. But did you know that Harz cheese can also cut a good figure in salads? Just give it a try.

In my opinion, lamb’s lettuce, paprika, cucumber and radishes go particularly well with Harz cheese. Add a few pine and pumpkin seeds and it’s a good thing. I recommend a light vinaigrette as a dressing.

Baked casserole with Harz cheese

Have you ever heard that almost any dish can be made better, you just have to bake it with cheese? This may not apply to every dish, but there are definitely some dishes that simply taste a little better with a little cheese or where the cheese is simply part of it.

With me, for example, every casserole is always baked with cheese. A cheese that is well suited for this is the Harz cheese. It complements the casserole with an intense cheese note, which does not harm most casseroles and, in contrast to the classic gratin cheese, has almost no fat. So you don’t exceed your calorie requirement .

Harzer Käse Rezepte - Auflauf mit Harzer Käse

A simple Harz cheese casserole with ham , Egg and some vegetables.

If you just want to build up some muscle mass or just don’t go without carbohydrates (like most people), something else will fit perfectly Rice or a couple of potatoes with it. The nice thing about the casserole is that you can actually throw everything into a mold, season and then bake in the oven with Harz cheese.

Caution: Harz cheese tends to puff up during baking, which is why the result can look a bit desolate when it comes out of the oven.

Harz cheese potato soup

I don’t know about you but I love potato soup. There is hardly anything better, especially on cold winter days. And this is exactly where the Harz cheese can be processed wonderfully. The result not only tastes delicious, it also provides you with a lot of protein. It’s worth trying!

Here comes a recipe that I no longer know exactly where I got it from, that I have slightly modified and that I like to make. You need the following for two servings:

  • About 500 grams floury potatoes
  • 200 grams of Harz cheese
  • One onion
  • One clove of garlic
  • A leek
  • Spices
  • optionally diced ham or wiener sausages

And this is how it becomes a potato soup with Harz cheese:

In a large saucepan, the chopped leek and chopped onion are first fried with a little oil. You can find out which oil to use in my article on Dietary Supplements . Make sure that it is highly heatable.

Then add the potatoes, peeled and cut into medium-sized pieces. The pot is filled with water to the level of the potatoes, closed with a lid. This is how the potatoes are cooked. For me it takes about 20 minutes as soon as the water boils.

The potatoes are then mashed or chopped with a hand blender until the desired consistency is achieved. If the potato soup is a little too thick, water can be added. Now the cut or pressed garlic and the other spices are added.

Once seasoned, diced Harz cheese can either be stirred into the souper or served separately. For all non-vegetarians, fried ham cubes or wiener sausage slices can also be served.

That’s about it, my favorite Harz cheese recipes. I hope there is something for you and you will stop by here soon.

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