Supplement shops – the best online fitness shops for protein and Co. 2020

Do you want to order some protein shakes or other food supplements but you don’t know where? Don’t you have an overview of the many supplement shops out there? With this compilation of the best online fitness shops I want to make it easier for you to find the right online fitness shop for you.Read More

Harzer cheese doesn’t taste good? – My favorite Harz cheese recipes

Harz cheese is one of the protein-containing foods that reliably finds its way onto my plate again and again and there are many good reasons for this. The little protein bomb, however, also has a decisive weakness: Many people simply don’t taste the cheese and even more people simply can’t get used to its intenseRead More

The perfect hotel room training plan – 10 exercises you can do anywhere, anytime

Effective strength training is possible anytime, anywhere. With the right hotel room training plan, you don’t have to forego your progress on the go. In theory, no equipment is required for this. If you know and use the right exercises, then training with your own body weight will get you very far. Even muscle buildingRead More

Breaks in strength training – do you take enough breaks between sets?

How long should the breaks between sets in strength training be? This is a question that most exercisers (and coaches too) will not get a straight answer to. That’s simply because they haven’t looked at it. Most people just take the breaks between sentences by feeling. These breaks in strength training play a role forRead More