The big sling trainer test – TRX and 10 alternatives in comparison

In my opinion, the sling trainer is one of the best, most flexible and versatile tools for your training . However, there are now so many manufacturers on the market that it can be difficult for some to find the right sling trainer. That’s why I compared the devices from over 10 manufacturers for this sling trainer test to help you find the best one for you.

Especially during free training, i.e. training with your own body weight , a sling trainer is an extremely valuable aid with which a varied workout can be carried out almost anywhere. It is not without reason that the sling trainer is a tool that almost every personal trainer uses. It can also be found in many studios that want to provide their members with functional training and it is increasingly part of the private equipment of fitness-conscious people.

I am often asked the following questions in connection with sling trainers:

  • What exactly is a sling trainer and what makes sling training so special?
  • What are the differences between the various TRX alternatives?
  • Which sling trainer is best for whom?

I want to answer all of these questions with my sling trainer test before I get to the final test result.

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What are sling trainers?

Sling trainer, sling trainer, suspension trainer or sling trainer – these are all the different names for the same training device.

The origin lies in physiotherapy (sling table). The slings were later used in rehabilitation and then the training with the sling trainer was also discovered for functional fitness training and has been used since then, among other things, to enable soldiers to train even more effectively.

Sling trainers are extremely flexible training devices with which you can complete an effective, individual and functional training. It works no matter where you are and no matter what your current fitness level is. Because with this device you have a lot of control over how difficult the exercise is. For this reason, you can make good progress with it for a very long time.

How is such a sling trainer constructed?

A sling trainer is basically always a band, a belt or a rope. In addition to many differences, there are a few things in common: they all have one end that can be attached to a hook, a door or another immovable object and at the other end two handles that you can use to hold your hands or feet and carry out your exercises can.

Ein einfacher selbstgebauter Slingtrainer mit Umlenkrolle

A simple sling trainer with pulley

The exercises that can be done with different sling trainers are in principle almost identical. Depending on the model, however, there are some design-specific differences that also influence the choice of exercises and the level of difficulty.

What do you need a sling trainer for?

In my opinion, the sling trainer is the ultimate training device for anyone who would like to train effectively and functionally with little equipment. It is small, depending on the type, very light and transportable and usually only rarely needs to be replaced. With normal use, it will last for several years. I had my last sling trainer training every week for almost four years.

With the sling trainer you can train your entire body and with exactly the intensity that your body allows. Through many different exercise variants, different settings and your posture, you can freely influence the difficulty of training. No matter how fit you are, your body offers sufficient weight for hard training. This makes effective training only possible with your own body weight !

Very effective exercises are possible with the sling trainer. Among other things, this is the only way you can do one of the best abdominal muscle exercises ever.

Slingtrainer Test Übungen Rücken Variosling

I train inside and outside the Gyms regularly use sling trainers.

A big advantage of the sling trainer is its compact size. It fits perfectly in a running backpack ( like this model recommended by us *). So while you are running you can make a short stop at a tree and train your upper body a little. With the combination of endurance training and strength training you have a comprehensive workout for your whole body.

In the meantime I’ve got to know and used a wide variety of sling trainers and in this sling trainer test I will show you their advantages and disadvantages from my point of view.

TRX and alternatives – various sling trainers

Probably the best-known brand is TRX. It is also often said that someone does TRX training, even though he means sling training. This can be compared to handkerchiefs. Here, people often ask for a “pace” instead of a tissue.

For this test I have tested several alternatives in addition to various TRX models for several years. I have looked at and tested sling trainers from aeroSling, VarioSling, eaglefit, Sportastisch, the BodyCoach Power Sling (which has accompanied me for years during my hotel training ) and the SportPlus sling trainer. Finally, models from Body Wisdom, QonQuill, RHinosport and Lidl brand Crivit have been added.

You can also build a sling trainer yourself and depending on how high the demands on the self-made sling trainer are, the costs for this are also rather low. However, as soon as you place more demanding requirements on the device, you can usually get away with a finished suspension trainer better and cheaper.

The sling trainer put to the test

The number of sling trainers that are offered is enormous. Even at discounters there are offers from time to time. In our sling trainer test, however, I dealt with models that are available all year round.

I have identified the following distinguishing features:

  • Type of handles
  • Strap or rope
  • With or without pulley
  • Adjustment options
  • Weight
  • Resilience
  • Foot straps
  • Material and workmanship
  • Guarantee
  • Accessories

1. TRX – The classic in the sling trainer test

The advantages of what is probably the most famous sling trainer are its low weight, good portability and good feel thanks to high-quality materials. The handles make a high-quality impression and underline that great emphasis was placed on stability and durability when selecting the individual parts. Furthermore, the easily and flexibly adjustable length is positive. All good arguments for the sling trainer.


Unfortunately, the original also has some disadvantages. For example, the belt is sewn to the upper loop. Although this offers more safety when exercising, alternating exercises are not possible. Unfortunately, there is no model with a pulley from TRX.

Furthermore, the wear on this loop should be mentioned. The belt has some slack here and rubs off over time. An exchange of individual parts is not possible with the TRX. However, the TRX ALL-IN-ONE * (formerly TRX Home) should last 2-3 years with normal private use.

The TRX Tactical Force Kit * should be significantly more durable. This variant was specially developed for the American military and should be very resilient and also weatherproof. This makes it suitable for outdoor use. It also looks pretty cool and is a bit lighter. But the loops are even more uncomfortable and you usually have to pay a little more.

Unfortunately, the foot straps on the TRX models are generally not particularly comfortable for me. The handles are not interchangeable, which is a shame with such a top product. That being said, you get a high-quality product with a big name that also looks damn chic. The scope of delivery is also impressive.

So if you value training with the original and are ready to pay the price, there is no getting around the original TRX.


2. aeroSling – favorite of the pros in the sling trainer test

If you are open to a high-quality TRX alternative, then in your search you will likely come across the brand aeroSling from aerobis. Most professionals work with this device. By that I mean professional personal trainers who specialize in this type of training. The sling trainer is in constant use with these trainers. It is to be expected that particular emphasis will be placed on quality and durability.


The aeroSling was my absolute favorite for a long time and remains one of my all-time favorite sling trainers even after the sling trainer test.

The foot straps are comfortable to use and also removable. The rope and the aluminum handles are replaceable and therefore renewable. In addition, I hardly noticed any significant wear even on older products that are used daily in the gym.

The higher instability caused by the role is an advantage in my opinion and allows additional variety for training. This can be difficult for a beginner, but a knot provides security.

In my opinion, the only notable disadvantages compared to the TRX are the higher weight and the sometimes annoying loose rope end. When I travel, I usually have a smaller, smaller sling trainer with me that I will introduce later.

The aeroSling is still a purchase recommendation and the clear test winner. The quality and the variety of applications are unbeatable. In terms of equipment, it is in no way inferior to the TRX. The aerosling ELITE Plus is the premium model:

aeroSling Elite Plus Lieferumfang

3. body coach Power Sling and Rhinosport – TRX clones tested

If you are put off by the high prices of the models presented so far in the sling trainer test, I can reassure you. There are also cheaper entry-level models. There are quite usable sling trainers of various brands available for less than 50 euros. It can be a game of chance, but I’ve also had good experiences with it. A few years ago I bought the body coach Power Sling for around 30 euros.


This sling trainer is well suited for occasional training. It is very light, can be packed up compactly and is easy to transport. Due to the TRX-like construction, alternating exercises cannot be performed either. Due to the low price and the similar presentation, the body coach is a TRX alternative for price-conscious beginners.

Of course, you have to accept minor compromises in quality for this price. The materials don’t feel so high quality, some seams are not quite straight and it doesn’t look that stylish when you take a closer look. Although they really tried hard to recreate the look of the original.

The stability and durability is surprisingly good, despite the perceived as inferior material. For almost 3 years I have regularly trained with the Power Sling on my frequent trips. Although it soon shows certain signs of wear and tear at the same weak point as the TRX, it held out for a surprisingly long time.

However, a friend recently bought a similar model in a comparable price range: the Rhinosport sling trainer. I was allowed to try this out and it is quite similar to the Power Sling. It even has the advantage that it has a modular structure. For these reasons it takes the place of the price / performance recommendation for beginners in sling training.

Rhinosport Schlingentrainer - günstiger Einsteiger-Slingtrainer im Test

4. Variosling Sling Trainer Professional – Made for studios

The Variosling brand sling trainers are made in Germany and can be found in many German fitness studios. There is a very simple reason for this: The sling trainers are very robust, durable and low-maintenance, and at an extremely reasonable price. That is why they are probably also common in the Bundeswehr and the special police forces in Germany.

For years the Variosling Suspension Trainer was available in two versions: with and without a pulley. In the meantime, a significantly cheaper basic version has been added under the name Variosling Original.

Even with the Professional model without a pulley, no belt rubs against the belt as is the case with the TRX. The belt is led through a metal ring here, which means that there is less wear and tear and you have a certain amount of leeway if you want to. The current version has been improved so that individual parts can now be exchanged more easily.

Variosling Slingtrainer ohne Umlenkrolle bei McFit Hannover

There is also a variosling without a pulley little signs of wear

In the model with pulley, the pulley is not as high-quality and does not run as smoothly as the pulley in aerosling, but this part is also absolutely robust and built for it, including with to withstand daily stress for years. With the Rotate2 there is now also a version with a professional pulley from climbing.

Small disadvantages of the Variosling Rotate with pulley compared to the aeroSling, but which can be tolerated in view of the good price and the exemplary durability, are the more uncomfortable, firmly sewn foot straps and the limited ones Adjustability. In addition, the replacement of worn individual parts is unfortunately not easily possible.

With the Variosling sling trainer you have the choice between three versions

So if you are looking for a very robust and high quality sling trainer at a very fair price, you should take a look at the Variosling models. Depending on your taste, you can then choose the model with or without pulley.

And last but not least, the previously mentioned basic version at a competitive price. Incidentally, the belt has no slack here because the two belts are sewn directly to the metal clamp. It should also be noted that the cheapest variant, as far as I know, is not made in Germany and has a lower maximum load capacity. Nevertheless, even this comparatively inexpensive entry-level option from Variosling makes a very valuable impression.

5. Body Wisdom sling trainer – probably the smallest sling trainer in the world

When the inventor of the Body Wisdom sling trainer approached me and told me that he had developed the most compact sling trainer in the world, I was a bit skeptical at first. Of course I wanted to try it out anyway. In addition to training in my home gym, I use my sling trainer mainly for my training on the go on (business) trips. The less space the equipment takes up in my suitcase, the better.

Slingtrainer Test Übungen Rücken Variosling

When I had the sling trainer with me a few times for testing purposes, it quickly won me over and has been my favorite travel sling trainer ever since. Here, care was taken to ensure that the materials are as compact as possible and yet robust. The manufacturers have really succeeded in doing this. The sling trainer makes a very high quality impression and, despite its small size, can withstand loads of over 300 kilos. Are you wondering how small a sling trainer can really be? So small!

In direct comparison to my last trip -Sling trainer, a mobile phone and a ballpoint pen.

Of course, the tiny pack size is also a bit more comfortable and it also has no pulley. However, I can do all my important exercises wonderfully with it and only need space for two pairs of socks in my suitcase. It can be adjusted quickly and easily and thanks to its modular structure it offers additional flexibility, especially in mobile applications.

And now the best comes: I was able to reach an exclusive deal with Body Wisdom. Exclusively for my readers and followers there is the sling trainer instead of 149 € for 99 €! All you have to do is enter the discount code “fitvolution” when buying .

6. eaglefit Sling Trainer – surprisingly high quality

Not quite as well known as Variosling, aeroSling or TRX, the manufacturer eaglefit has recently captured some market shares. With the different models that I have looked at, the manufacturer addresses different interest groups. As far as the price / performance ratio and the variety of applications are concerned, the top model exclusive stands out clearly in my opinion. For this reason I chose the model.

The eaglefit Sling Trainer exclusive was introduced at a competitive price from just € 139.90 with some features that I only knew from the very high-priced models of the top manufacturers and that I even missed in some cases. The materials are high quality and could also suggest a higher price. So he was a real positive surprise in our sling trainer test.

Especially with the foot straps, which I had to complain about at some other manufacturers, the eaglefit does significantly better. In contrast to most other models, it is also extremely flexible in terms of adjustability. In addition, many individual parts of this sling trainer are easily interchangeable. They are held together by high quality aluminum carabiners. The scope of delivery leaves nothing to be desired. There is even a hook for ceiling or wall mounting. You only have to cut back on weight and pack size.

The eaglefit sling trainer in three versions

In the meantime, the price of the eaglefit exclusive has unfortunately moved closer to the aeroSling Elite Plus, to which it would like to be a cheaper alternative. The scope of delivery is slightly larger, but the pulley and the workmanship are overall good but not quite as good. If you want to save some money, you still get a very good alternative at a fair price.

Although eaglefit no longer offers a version without a pulley, the brand now offers cheaper entry-level models with a roller. So there are now (at the time of the test) for around € 80 and € 100 respectively, two models that are more aimed at beginners. While the Allround Elastic variant is also suitable for variable fastening, the cheapest variant, Base Elastic, is explicitly for training on a door designed. This means that the pack size for a sling trainer with a roller is very small.

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