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Supplement shops – the best online fitness shops for protein and Co. 2020

Do you want to order some protein shakes or other food supplements but you don’t know where? Don’t you have an overview of the many supplement shops out there? With this compilation of the best online fitness shops I want to make it easier for you to find the right online fitness shop for you.

A few years ago, the number of large online shops in the field of nutritional supplements was still manageable. That has changed in the meantime, however, and with hundreds of such shops on the Internet it is of course difficult for some to find the right one for themselves. Of course, you could just try it out one by one. However, I want to save you the trouble or at least some of it with the following overview.

Почему бады и спортпитание никогда не заменят активный образ жизни

Supplement shops – My personal favorites

In the following I would like to introduce you to fitness and supplements shops from which I have already ordered, with which I have not had any bad experiences and none of my friends and acquaintances have told me about them. I decided against a ranking because it is always individual what is most important to you. Instead, I’ve sorted the list alphabetically. For each of the listed supplement shops, however, I will list some advantages and disadvantages and make a recommendation for whom this shop might be the right one.

Since I will certainly discover and try out other online shops with nutritional supplements in the future, this list is not exhaustive. I will add and update them at irregular intervals. So it might make sense to stop by here again in the future.

1) Amazon – The seller of everything

How could it be otherwise, the first entry on this list is the largest online shop in the world. At Amazon, you can actually get everything, or rather some of almost every imaginable type of product, on offer. Often the system already knows what you need and suggests it to you.

It is logical that many people no longer research whether they can get the same or a better product elsewhere (cheaper). After all, payment and shipping are quick and easy. In most cases, shipping is even possible at no extra charge.

Everyone has an Amazon account and ordering is nowhere easier than here. At the same time, due to the size and awareness, this happens with a feeling of security. In large parts, Amazon is not a retailer at all, but a marketplace and logistics provider. Many people don’t even know this because Amazon has created such a seamless shopping experience.

You should also know that every retailer is responsible for their own goods and that Amazon only provides storage capacity and logistics for a fee. While Amazon is investigating complaints, it cannot be held responsible itself. However, the (brand) manufacturers themselves often act as dealers there. In my opinion, you can always order here with a clear conscience.

Спортпит: выбираем гейнер. Топ-5 самых популярных | PriceMedia


+ Largest marketplace of the world
+ Extremely large selection
+ Good return conditions
+ Inexpensive private labels

– Not all branded products available
– Often a slightly higher price
– Uncertainty with third-party dealers

Right for: Everyone who wants to buy everything quickly and easily in a shop and is a bit flexible about the products and their price.

Food supplements on Amazon *

2) Bodybuilding Depot – transparency and quality from Germany

Bodybuilding-Depot is a supplement shop where I have been buying my protein powder (and other things) for a long time, because I am absolutely convinced of the philosophy and the price-performance ratio. Here you can order most products directly from the manufacturer. It is practically a factory outlet for protein powder. The low marketing expenses are reflected directly in the price.

What is not saved is quality. Most of the products are completely (!) Made in Germany. Many other brands only bottle or refine the product here in Germany in order to be able to label it with “Made in Germany”. To ensure quality, the products are also regularly tested by independent laboratories and the results are published on the website.

Because I am so behind the philosophy and the products, BB-Depot is the only cooperation partner to whom I have so far dedicated an article: About my partnership with Bodybuilding-Depot . On the other hand, I am one of the few partners who are allowed to offer their readers a discount code. With Fitvolution5 you get a 5% discount on all products from Bodybuilding-Depot, which also apply to special offers and bulk prices. Incidentally, there are no higher discount codes.

In the meantime, they are also campaigning for sustainability and are one of the first manufacturers to offer protein powder in paper bags. I think that’s a great thing and will refill my cans this way in the future.

+ Great transparency
+ Short value chain
+ Made in Germany
+ Sustainability Initiative
+ Price-performance ratio
+ Fitvolution5 discount code

– Limited product range
– Little known brand

Right for : Everyone who values ​​transparent and high-quality products from German manufacture with a good Value for money and for which a well-known brand and an unusual product range are not so important. An absolute highlight is the flavor system, which in my opinion is the best on the market.

To the bodybuilding depot online shop *
5% discount with Fitvolution5 discount code

Спортивное питание: гейнер, карнитин, BCAA. Спортпит: как выбрать и зачем - Чемпионат

3) BodyIP Nutrition by Simon Teichmann

BodyIP Nutrition is a dietary supplement brand with an online shop that was built by the well-known fitness youtuber Simon Teichmann. In addition to the standard supplements such as whey protein and creatine monohydrate , he also offers some designer products that are a bit more unusual.

Some of the products may be very interesting as combination preparations for one or the other. Simons Perfect Only One *, for example, is a combined (micro) nutrient preparation, of which strength athletes should only take one per day and thus have the most important nutrients for one euro a day.

In fact, it still makes sense to combine it with other food supplements, such as Omega 3 fish oil capsules . Personally, I therefore place more emphasis on individual combinations of the basics.

I can understand that the brand has some fans. The presentation is clean and makes a very good impression. I haven’t heard anything negative about the products either. The origin, manufacture and composition of the products are, however, a little too opaque for me to justify the comparatively high prices.

+ Positive brand image
+ Interesting combination products
+ Unusual flavors

– relatively high prices
– Lack of transparency
– Limited product range

Right for: fans of Simon Teichmann and friends of simple all-in-one combination concepts. If a clean product design and a cool product image are more important to you than low prices, you will surely find something for you here.

To the BodyIP online shop *

4) Bodylab24 – known from Men´s Health

Bodylab24 is a German brand for dietary supplements and is best known from the men’s fitness magazine Men’s Health. Anyone who has ever read such a magazine will probably have discovered the very prominent advertising in it. That’s how I came across this online fitness shop. In fact, it was probably one of the first online shops for nutritional supplements that I ordered something from.

Her online shop used to offer (almost) exclusively products from her own brand. In the meantime, however, the product range has been expanded to include some of the bestsellers from other brands. Overall, the product portfolio is very broad without having to offer everything yourself. However, our own products are really cheap.

With regular good special offers and cheap bundle offers (of its own products) Bodylab24 tempts you to stop by again and again. Most of the products are not made in Germany, but they are advertised with regular testing by the well-known Fresenius Institute.

The protein bars are particularly interesting for me as a protein bar junkie, especially when it comes to the price / performance ratio. Here you can get some cheaper alternatives to very popular but expensive branded bars. Personally, unfortunately, the protein powder never really convinced me in terms of taste and consistency. Ultimately, however, this is certainly also a subjective thing and with the cheap combination deals there is little to say against trying it.

+ Protein bar- Assortment
+ inexpensive private label
+ regular special offers
+ large product range

– expensive third-party products
– intransparency

Right for: Everyone who is looking for cheap and tasty protein bars and who doesn’t care about an exclusive brand. If you like to hunt for bargains and buy in large bundles, you will find a suitable offer here.

To the Bodylab24 online shop

5) Body Attack – the bodybuilding professional from Hamburg

Body Attack is a brand for muscle building preparations and other dietary supplements from Hamburg, which used to be very active in bodybuilding competitions and in smaller fitness studios. In addition to a large online shop, Body Attack also operates a few shops in larger German cities. (Recommended for athletes Anabole Mischung) For example, in my current place of residence, Hanover, there is a flagship store in the Ernst-August-Galerie.

While the online shop sells products from other manufacturers in addition to the own brands Body Attack and MySupps (the discount brand from Body Attack), you can get almost exclusively own brand products in the local supplement shops. Comprehensible to me, since these shops are probably an important element of marketing. Even the range of own brands is already very solid.

Body Attack 100% Micellar Casein Protein

Both the premium and the discount segment are served by the two own brands. The premium products, for example, use particularly gentle manufacturing processes and the deluxe version of the protein shakes is the raw material of the milk from grass-fed Irish highland cattle. Of course, you can also buy the latter. Unfortunately, you are only halfway transparent with the premium products as far as the manufacture and origin of the raw materials are concerned.

The Carb Control bar from Body Attack * is one of my absolute favorites (especially nut nougat!). These are usually also available for a comparable price at Amazon *, if you should order there.

+ Well-known brand with a good reputation
+ Large product range
+ Interesting own products
+ On-site stores

– Comparatively high prices
– Transparency only for premium products

Right for: Bodybuilders who value premium products from a German brand and want to buy directly from the manufacturer. As a fan of the carb control bar, like me, you should also check out the offers * again and again.

To the Body Attack online shop *

6) Body & Fit – the MyProtein challenger

Body & Fit is a nutritional supplement retailer from the Netherlands. Much here is strongly reminiscent of the market leader from England: MyProtein. The Dutch provider obviously wants to measure itself against this. The prices are in a similar range and the product range of own brands is also very broad and comparable. However, Body & Fit has two key advantages over MyProtein: The range of products from other brands and the location, which will continue to be in the EU.

Body & Fit is my personal favorite among the supplement shops when it comes to protein bars. You may know my other website Protein Bar Junkie , where everything revolves around protein-rich snacks. There I keep linking to Body & Fit because they often have the best deals on some good bars (brands and own products) and other snacks. The protein cookies are also pretty tasty and comparatively cheap.

Especially because of the regular discount campaigns, it is worth stopping by this shop every now and then and accessing it if there is something suitable. You don’t have to search for any voucher codes here either, as the best promotion codes are displayed directly on the page.

+ Very affordable prices
+ Large product range
+ Regular discount campaigns
+ Many cheap branded products

– Lesser known private label
– Based in Holland
– Intransparency

Right for: Bargain hunters and protein bar junkies.

To the Body & Fit Germany online shop *

7) Fitmart / ESN – (rightly) an influencer favorite

Fitmart is quite well known and popular in the fitness scene with its own brand ESN. I kept buying protein powder from ESN myself. In particular the ESN Tasty Whey *, the ESN Casein * or the multi-component protein ESN Elite Pro Complex * have a very good price-performance ratio . These protein powders and many other products are made in Germany, although the raw materials mostly do not come from Germany. Details are not given, but the manufacturer states that the raw materials are only available in the highest quality from the most renowned raw material manufacturers.

ESN Elite Pro Complex Mehrkomponenten-Proteinpulver

ESN is the favorite of many of my fitness friends. In addition to the very good image, this is also due to the fact that there are always discount campaigns on the already cheap products. Besides these promotions, you can also get most ESN products (almost) for the same price from Amazon, if you should order there. However, there are always really good deals and then it is worth ordering in advance:

What always bothered me with these discount campaigns, which are also often advertised by cooperating influencers, is that the discount often explicitly does not apply to the (rather tasty) protein bars. At the moment, Fitmart seems to be locking in the bars. So it’s worth taking a look.

+ Cool brand image
+ (final) production in Germany
+ Price-performance ratio
+ solid product selection

Disadvantages: – limited transparency
– “Discount on everything except bars”

Right for: Fitness fans who value a cool brand with inexpensive products made in Germany.

To the Fitmart / ESN online shop

8) Herbal House Sanct Bernhard – Naturopathy from the Alb

The online shop of the herb house Sanct Bernhard in Bad Ditzenbach on the Swabian Alb is probably not known to the few in this series. It is a manufacturer of medical and naturopathic food supplements that I came into contact with as a child. At that time, the herb house was mainly known regionally by everyone who dealt with naturopathy.

Even today, the entire range of cosmetics, nutritional supplements and medical products are produced on site, and the raw materials are also grown locally or at least regionally (if possible). In addition, there is now a relatively large online mail order business. The products tend to be in the higher price segment, but quality has its price. For new customers, however, there is a nice welcome gift with their first order.

For a few years now, Sanct Bernhard Sport has also had its own sub-brand for the sports and fitness sector. Here, too, emphasis is placed on regional production and careful processing of high-quality natural raw materials. This is of course reflected in the price. However, the target group is also a little different than the other supplements shops in this list.

+ Experts for Naturopathy
+ Regional production in D
+ In the niche wide range of products

– relatively high prices – less classic fitness products
– less sporty image

Right for: Friends of natural products with regional production chains and somewhat more flexible purses.

To the online shop Kräuterhaus Sanct Bernhard *

To Sanct Bernhard Sport *

9) MyProtein – the top dog

If size matters, this retailer should be at the top. MyProtein is the top dog among supplement shops and has the largest market share in this area. The UK-based retailer prides itself on being the largest mail order supplier of nutritional supplements in Europe. I don’t know whether you can really compete with Amazon in this segment, but everyone else should pretty much line up behind MyProtein.

MyProtein is a real bank in terms of brand awareness and sales of nutritional supplements. The most impressive thing about it is that all of their products are sold under their own brand. You won’t find any other brands in the online shop and yet you will hardly miss a supplement, the product range is so broad.

Some of the products are also available in other online shops. You can also get the most important products from MyProtein on Amazon. In your own online shop, however, the products are usually much cheaper, especially if you order enough of them, wait for a discount campaign or buy them in a bundle.

Admittedly, MyProtein products are not always my products of choice. You get a little bit of information about the production and origin of the raw materials for my taste (especially with the inexpensive product line). In the past, there have also been reports of poor quality, which has damaged the brand. However, I also know enthusiastic supporters and I have not known any quality problems from the last few years.

The protein snacks are quite a matter of taste, but it is worth trying them out.

+ Very affordable Prices
+ Well-known brand
+ Large variety of products
+ Regular discount campaigns

– Moderate brand image
– Non-transparency
– Based in England

Right for: Smart savers and protein snack friends who don’t always have to know everything about a product.

To the MyProtein online shop *

10) Qi-2 DE – Made by McFit

Qi-2 is the private label of the fitness studio chain McFit. In the McFit studios only products of this brand are sold. There are usually machines there where you can pay with your access card. The product range is also geared towards this sale. However, you can also order the Qi-2 products in their online shop.

Unfortunately the products are usually not (significantly) cheaper than in the machines within the studios. However, there are also savings packages there that you normally don’t get in your gym. In addition, you may not always get everything you want on site or you just want to have a larger amount delivered directly to your home. In addition, there are always very good discount campaigns here:

Despite McFit’s discounter image, the products enjoy a relatively good reputation in terms of quality. Unfortunately, only the most necessary information is available for most products. In the shop you often hardly find out more than what is written on the packaging.

Personally, I find the finished protein drinks sometimes very practical and very tasty when things have to be done very quickly. I keep getting a package of them, although they are not cheap at around 3 euros per shake.

+ Strong and well-known brand
+ Also sold in studios

– High prices
– Non-transparency
– Manageable product selection

Right for: Die-hard McFit goers who have their Qi-2 products at home and maybe want to get something cheaper. Perhaps you don’t train in a McFit studio at all and still want to consume Qi-2 products.

To the Qi-2 online shop *

11) Sports nutrition Engel – The veteran

Sportnahrung Engel is one of the veterans among the supplement shops. I ordered legal muscle building supplements from Sportnahrung Engel back then when I was just starting strength training. At that time there wasn’t that much selection of such shops and there was always a lot of interesting information about the products.

What makes this online fitness shop special: It consistently does not offer any cheap products. Sportnahrung Engel has decided to rely on (internationally) known brands and premium products. You can order everything that has rank and name in the field of supplements here in the online shop.

This also includes branded products that are otherwise not that easy to get, such as those from IronMaxx, XXL Nutrition, BioTech USA and other international manufacturers. These are usually even sold there at comparatively low prices (for these branded products).

By the way, with the discount code FIT10 you still get a 10% discount on the entire range.

+ Well-known dealer
+ Very large selection
+ International premium products

– No own products
– Little information about products
– Overall high price level

Right for: Fitness athletes and bodybuilders who are fans of the big (American) brands for dietary supplements. Fitness-conscious people who value international branded products.

To the Sportnahrung-Engel online shop

12) XBODY – the pharmacy supplier

XBody prides itself first and foremost (rightly) on the fact that they value very high quality. The products are produced strictly in Germany according to the strictest regulations. This also includes a comprehensive quality assurance process at pharmaceutical level, in which every single batch is checked and traced.

Due to compliance with various national and international standards, XBody’s products can and are also sold in various pharmacies. In fact, the products are only available in pharmacies and their own online shop. This is how you want to ensure the maximum quality of the sales channels.

As far as the manufacture and ingredients of the products are concerned, they are significantly more transparent than most other manufacturers of dietary supplements.

Although only the company’s own products are offered in this supplement shop and the brand is less known, the product selection is sufficient. You can get the most important products, such as protein shakes , fish oil capsules and Co. here.

+ High quality standards
+ Great transparency

– High prices
– Manageable product selection
– Partly questionable products

Right for: People who attach great importance to a manufacturer whose products are manufactured according to national and international standards and are also sold in pharmacies.

To the Xbody online shop *

Conclusion – so many online fitness shops

That’s it, my recommendations for the best supplement shops. I hope the list helps you and you find the right online shop for nutritional supplements for you.

I have had good experiences with all of these dealers so far and I am not aware of any bad experiences in my environment. Of course, I have closer contact with some of these dealers and less close contact with others. However, I did not want to withhold any shops from you just because I have no cooperation with him, provided I still think he is recommendable.

Of course, I don’t know all the shops or I have never ordered anything from many of them, so I cannot judge them. So if you still know of a shop that should definitely be included in this list, please write it in the comments.

If you have had a really bad experience with one of the shops in my list, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll look into it.

If you want to learn more about food supplements per se, I can recommend some articles here on the blog about useful supplements .

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